September, 16, 2013

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fashion Week


The label most fashionistas are wearing? That would be Zara (literally everyone we spoke to was sporting an item or three)


If you think people attending fashion week look pretty darn glam that’s because they’ve likely spent some QT in one of the sponsor’s pamper lounges.  This season there are at least 3 in-situ around central London where the good and the great will go to be preened and pampered by top hair stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians between shows.  Gratis. 


Fashion types aren’t quite as snooty as you’d think  - these days the rag trade is a big and highly competitive business meaning everyone needs to bring their A game, be a pro and just get the hell on with it.  No time for bitching.  Not as much as there used to be anyway.


There would be no fashion week without sponsors - these days putting on a fashion show is a HUGELY expensive business and something that most houses simply cannot afford to do without help.  Luckily generous sponsors are willing to cover everything from location hire to beauty products to booze to cold hard cash injections... benefit to them being the kudos association with their brand and London Fashion Week.  Don't deny you see Vodafone in a *slightly* sexier light knowing they are lead sponsors.


It really isn’t very glam – we’re not talking individual shows as those defo are (ref Burberry and crew) but the whole week is exhausting for the jurnos and fashion buyers who rush between presentations all over town during the day, file stories on the move and are then expected to show face at numerous parties in the evening.  Fine for the young bucks but as one heavy weight (or should we say feather weight) fashionista whispered in our ear “Thank god everything’s being live streamed – next season I’m planning on watching half the shows from the comfort of Soho House on my ipad… why break a sweat if one needn’t”.  Indeed.


FabTips very own LWO turned her hand to presenting this season.  Here she is with an already very sexy London Fashion Week sponsor (the UK's leading luxe organic online beauty emporium) at the Hemyca show walking us through ABW's stellar goodie bag which featured beauty gold from hipster NYC hair brand Yarok and brand new 'natural equilibrium' skincare line 001 (we are SUPER excited about these guys who launch on in November).  Results on FabTV shortly.

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